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Saturday, October 24
A poetry workshop with Kathryn Hunt
10 – 4 pm PDT
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Zoom – join us from anywhere in the world!

Spirit in the Dark: Poetry for Hard Times
Outrage, remembrance, prayer, manifesto. How do poets marry the personal and the political? The lyrical and social engagement? Inner life with history? We'll consider the poetry of Wanda Coleman, Cathy Linh Che, and Phil Levine, among others, and explore ways our imaginations might invite something greater than ourselves into our own poetry. I’ll provide writing prompts and feedback on your drafts. Later in the day, we’ll experiment with polyphonic poetry (many voices) with Bob Francis, a biologist, musician, and writer. You’ll receive a packet of poems to read before the workshop. The workshop is open to all lovers of poetry and writers of all levels. Please come to class with a notebook or laptop and an open mind.

Kathryn Hunt’s poetry has appeared in the Sun, Radar, Orion, Missouri Review, Carolina Quarterly, Frontier Poetry, Writer’s Almanac, and Narrative. Her first collection of poems, Long Way Through Ruin, was published by Blue Begonia Press. Say What a River Is, her second collection, is in manuscript. She is the recipient of residencies and awards from Ucross, Hedgebrook, Artists Trust, and Joya AIR (Spain). She recently completed a memoir, Why I Grieve I Do Not Know. She’s worked as a waitress, shipscaler, short-order cook, bookseller, printer, food bank coordinator, filmmaker, and freelance writer.

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820 Water St.
Port Townsend, WA. 98368
(360) 379-2617


Early 2021
A poetry workshop with Spencer Reece and Kathryn Hunt

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Oh traveler, what if the far river had not been created?
Where then would you dream of going?

― Linda Hogan