Seed Wheel

These are poems we’ll return to when we need to make sense, celebrate, mourn, and eulogize.

    — CMarie Fuhrman
        Camped Beneath the Dam: Poems and co-editor of Native Voices

Seed Wheel is available from the Imprint Bookstore in Port Townsend. Seed Wheel was published in September 2021 by Lost Horse Press.

Long Way Through Ruin

Wild in their domesticity, mythical in their realism, ethereal in their lyric beauty, Hunt's poems explore the boundaries between love and loss, longing and regret.

    — Kim Barnes
        Hungry for the World and In the Kingdom of Men

Long Way Through Ruin is available from the Imprint Bookstore in Port Townsend and Elliott Bay Books in Seattle. Long Way Through Ruin was published by Blue Begonia Press.


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Credo is a short film by the filmmaker Peggy Case based on a poem from Long Way Through Ruin.

The poignancy of not knowing who we are and not being able to hold on to or control our quickly passing life connects us with the vastness and depth of the living heart.

— Joseph Brodsky